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Brought to you by Kate Marlow, an eternal optimist, and Sarah Kaye, a cynical realist. With our guests we investigate and experiment with what makes people happy.

Sarah and Kate spent a few weeks walking for happiness. In today's episode, they talk about what held them back and about why it worked!

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Sarah and Kate try a Laughter Yoga class! Listen to their journey from completely uncomfortable to feeling marginally okay about it, including clips from the class!


Today we are talking to Tiffany and Ashley! They share with us their secrets to happiness which include engaging in friendly competition, nurturing an adventurous spirit, and almost getting killed by a bear? We really enjoyed this conversation and hope you do too!


As winter starts to creep upon us, we’re loving the idea of curling up next to a crackling fire with big socks, a steaming hot beverage, and someone you love! Join Sarah and Kate as we experiment with hygge, the Danish concept of hominess and coziness. We relied on the expertise of Meik Wiking and his book “The Little Book of Hygge: The Danish Way to Live Well” (

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Does it matter where you’re going, or does it matter where you are right now?

This week, Kate and Sarah take Josh Pantalleresco’s Happiness Homework to heart and answer his five questions. Sarah realizes that her sense of identity is tied so much to her work as a teacher. Kate reveals the exact moment in history where she realized she was happy. Huge thanks to Josh for giving us such a thought provoking and revealing assignment!

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Josh Pantalleresco of “Just Joshing” Podcast chats with Kate and Sarah about his Five Questions to Happiness while also managing to tackle Zen and Christian philosophies all in the same breath. Josh has learned and refined his own version of happiness through significant life lessons and hardship, and is coming out the other end of these life lessons with what he calls “Enlightened Self Interest.”

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Kate and Sarah conduct their first long-term happiness experiment: regular exercise!

We discuss the proven benefits of exercise and then try this proven practice for one month. Did we achieve our goals? Did we see any benefits in our overall well-being? Join us to find out!

Next month join us for our experimentation with daily meditation and share your experience with us! Do you have a suggestion for a future happiness experiment? Let us know at


Sarah and Kate completed Amie's Happiness Homework - to recreate a favourite childhood memory - and discuss the process and their findings. Are we happier actually recreating those memories, or are we happier to simply reflect on them? Where does the nostalgia factor fit in?




This week we tried a meditation class! Tune in to see if it made us happier, and if we'd do it again! Plus, a special announcement about upcoming episodes.

Interested in a meditation class of your own and live in the Calgary Area? Check out

Some of our favourite meditation apps:

- Buddhify

- Relax Melodies

- Mindful

- Headspace

And there are so many more!


Kate and Sarah discuss what they discovered from their happiness homework which was to reflect on the foundational stones of their happiness. This week Sarah and Kate are joined by Amie! They discuss the important lessons she has learned about happiness from some difficult life experiences, and she shares some helpful strategies for avoiding stress in the workplace and at home.

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