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Brought to you by Kate Marlow, an eternal optimist, and Sarah Kaye, a cynical realist. With our guests we investigate and experiment with what makes people happy.

Kate and Sarah conduct their first long-term happiness experiment: regular exercise!

We discuss the proven benefits of exercise and then try this proven practice for one month. Did we achieve our goals? Did we see any benefits in our overall well-being? Join us to find out!

Next month join us for our experimentation with daily meditation and share your experience with us! Do you have a suggestion for a future happiness experiment? Let us know at


Sarah and Kate completed Amie's Happiness Homework - to recreate a favourite childhood memory - and discuss the process and their findings. Are we happier actually recreating those memories, or are we happier to simply reflect on them? Where does the nostalgia factor fit in?




This week we tried a meditation class! Tune in to see if it made us happier, and if we'd do it again! Plus, a special announcement about upcoming episodes.

Interested in a meditation class of your own and live in the Calgary Area? Check out

Some of our favourite meditation apps:

- Buddhify

- Relax Melodies

- Mindful

- Headspace

And there are so many more!


Kate and Sarah discuss what they discovered from their happiness homework which was to reflect on the foundational stones of their happiness. This week Sarah and Kate are joined by Amie! They discuss the important lessons she has learned about happiness from some difficult life experiences, and she shares some helpful strategies for avoiding stress in the workplace and at home.

We’d love to hear from you! Let us know how your happiness homework is going!


Kate surprises Sarah by interviewing Katelyn, Sarah's daughter! Then, they speak with their friend Kim about happiness approaching 30, being happy while single, and bringing a sense of authentic self to a new relationship. Pour yourself your favourite beverage and join Choose Happy!


Kate and Sarah check in with each other about Michael’s Happiness Homework: to write one hundred words every day. One of them did the homework, and the other… not so much! Then, they talk to newlyweds Jen and Jordan about staying sane and happy when planning a wedding, their top three pieces of advice for those about to get married, and practices to stay happy after that special day.


Sarah and Kate give a Happiness Homework check in, then they talk about mindfulness and How to Have a Brain like Buddha’s, According to Neuroscience (follow along here: Then, they talk to Michael. He’s 65, retired, single, and very prepared! He came to the interview with pages and pages of preparatory writing. Michael, a self proclaimed “very happy person,” has transitioned from the busy life of a teacher to the life of someone who fills his time doing what he loves, and he has a lot to say about it!


Kate and Sarah savor their last homework assignment, discuss a blog post about the impact of busyness of our lives, and debate the importance of looking at trees. This week’s guest, the compassionate and inspiring Kata, teaches us about goal-setting, designing a life that works for you, and the power of forgiveness.


Find Maria Popova’s blog post from Brainpickings here:


Sarah and Kate dish on what it’s like to embrace the discomfort and update everyone on Elijha’s Happiness Homework from last episode. They take mushrooms and talk about the effects. Then, they talk to Calgary’s mushroom expert Malcolm Saunders! Malcolm has carved out a niche for himself in the world as a business owner, adventurer, and as an incredible coach who helps people redefine their relationship to food. He discusses the benefits of nature, of nutrition, and of finding happiness through the freedom to forge one’s own path. 

Find Malcolm online at and The Light Cellar at

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Sarah gets a speeding ticket. Kate and Sarah discuss the impact of Whitney’s Happiness Homework! Sarah updates us on “The Love Dare.” Kate got her stars read. And the ladies briefly discuss social-media induced rage. They interview the engaging charismatic ELIJHA! He’s a polyamorous pain junkie, a traditional Chinese medicine student, and a philosopher with a deep understanding of suffering. Elijha discusses conditioning oneself to pain with the overall intention of understanding – and thereby eliminating – suffering.


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